TransChem USA, LLC.


Houston, TX
11411 Liberty Drive
Baytown, TX 77523
Office 817-470-2148

Corporate Headquarters

Chief Executive Officer Harold Sumerford, Jr. 205-876-1901
President Peter Sumerford 205-876-1903
Chief Financial Officer Chris Horner 205-552-1030
Vice President of Operations Kyle Gailey 205-876-1906
Vice President of Maintenance Billy Lollar 205-769-3535
Vice President of Safety Dave Edmondson Jr. 205-876-1905
Vice President of Human Resource Development Eric Hanson 205-552-1059
General Manager Andrew Petrofsky 205-917-7977
Sales Manager Jim Held 205-914-0494
Driver Development Manager Doug Brill 281-941-8894